Hard & Soft Mast Trees

Scattered trees

I’ll be the first to admit that a wide open brushy field isn’t the most attractive. But if you either selectively leave some trees standing, and/or encourage certain species to grow to maturity you can GREATLY affect the food producing power of a piece of dirt

Only tube, protect and flag the trees you want to reach full tree height at maturity. All other plantings can be temporarily marked for monitoring but all marking should be removed as soon as the plant is established and healthy so it can be bushogged.


  • early drop
  • Late drop

Honey locust

  • bean tree
  • legume


  • natives and oriental varieties
  • Incorporate multiple species for longer drop times


  • plant multiple species for longer drop times

White oak

  • drop massive amounts of acorns over a short period of time

Red Oak

  • really a workhorse of deer habitat management
  • drop smaller amounts of acorns over longer time periods

Burr oak

  • giant acorns