Jointvetch, Deervetch, Deer Vetch
With a nickname of deer vetch there is no wonder why jointvetch would interest us. Little known to most, jointvetch is a very versatile tool in the hands of a deer land manager.

Jointvetch is one of the few, highly desirable deer plants that loves shade. There should be a patch of Jointvetch at almost all of your woodland stands. Jointvetch is a reseeding annual, so in most cases once you plant it and have a successful stand, you will always have it. So basically set it and forget it, spread some seeds, ‘maybe’ fertilize and you now have a forever food source on your property.

You do not need a ton of seed either, the small brassica sized seeds go a long ways, 5 lbs will do 4-6 small stand locations. The seeds have a long life in the soil as well, so many seeds you spread may not sprout for a year or more.