White Mulberry, Black Mulberry, Red Mulberry, Dwarf Black Mulberry, Afghan Mulberry.

Here we go around the Mulberry Bush.

Most people today have no clue what a Mulberry Bush even is. Some of you have probably seen mulberry trees. They are a very nice landscape shrub, small tree or large tree which produce a massive amount of berries each year and have a long ripening/drop period. So instead of all berries ripening and dropping at one time, berries will ripen and drop over the course of several weeks/months.

Because of this massive bite size fruit production, the Mullberry definitely checks high on our bird list. But it also has another very interesting characteristic that interests us greatly. The leaves have a protein content of over 20%. That’s comparable to soy beans, iron clay peas and other annual plants people plant every year for food plots. So it checks our deer box also.

One very interesting characteristic of this plant is it it can be left alone to grow into a large tree it can be chainsaw pruned every year to be a small tree or it can be bush hogged every couple of years and will develop into a large/wide shrub. It is very drought tolerant and very consistently produces large crops of berries. The greatest thing of all is that deer find the high protein leaves irresistible.