Landowner (50-300 acres)

$49.95 / month and a $49.95 sign-up fee



Three times each year you will receive a highly specialized package of habitat improvement goodies. These could be anything from seeds, bareroot seedlings and container plants. Plant selections are made with habitat improvement as a key deciding factor. Along with each shipment comes detailed information on each species with habitat and planting recommendations.

The Landowner Habitat Management Program is perfect for those wanting to improve acreage ranging from 50-300acres.  Increase your deer and wildlife sightings and holding power on your land. Boost the specific areas around your stands at the hunt club. This program is a great introduction to habitat improvement and getting your feet wet with plantings.

Drawing and holding deer on medium sized properties can be challenging but with this package we take the guess work out. With smaller tracts it is also vitally important to take advantage of nearly every inch of dirt available.  Creating an area that produces both food and cover is the goal for maximum draw and holding power.

  • 3 Plant Shipments Per Year at the right time for your area
  • Shrubby Forbs
  • Soft Mast Trees
  • Hard Mast Trees
  • Extended Drop Times
  • HIGHLY preferred deer browse plants
  • Tough plants that can stand up to heavy browsing pressure
  • Plants for Sunny Areas
  • Plants for Shady Areas
  • Create a Year Round Food Source
  • Bird Friendly Plants
  • Pollinator Friendly Plants


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